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Anja Anja is best described as “life affirming and energetic”. Her passion for submission is fueled by child-like/ravenous curiosity for humanity and all its dark corners. She loves seeing life as a game to be loved and experienced fully in the moment. Delving into the world of Tango – with its fusion of dance and inner attitude – Anja has turned a dream into a reality.
When not found on a dancefloor she might be found teaching Vinyasa-Flow and partner-yoga, preferably naked. Furthermore she supports personal developments as a certified breath therapist.

Her special passion is the connection through touch: Filled with loving acceptance she gives creative and sometimes challenging Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage rituals as well as tantric massages. Anja loves to take her inspiration from these facets and to express it in her Tango.

She lives and works in Berlin and maintains deep ties to the Schwelle7.

Mark is still searching for a satisfying answer to the question: “Who are we at the moment and why?” So he sails on towards the horizon and his ship is called Tango Argentino… since 15 years. The wood is worn but lovingly maintained, the sail is a selfish bitch and the ropes – are still hanging on. Nobody sets foot on this ship without revealing more of themselves than expected. That includes Mark himself. Every creak and sigh are too familiar to hide even the smallest change. But this is of no concern to you. Come and let your hand glide over the railing and say yes – or no. It will be a beautiful trip and you might even hear something new as you let your fingertips follow the grain of the wood.

This is a “Mark-thought”. The narcissistic bastard often thinks of himself in 3rd person. It is also a morsel of one of the many longwinded speeches on the state of the nation he likes to give to his neighbor’s highly interested cat while wearing a bathrobe and sipping a coffee at six in the morning. He believes in balance and thus immerses himself equally into Tango, martial arts and natural sciences. He just can’t help himself for being a groupie of religions and a slutty roady of points of view. Enough! Make up your own opinion.




Tango Shoreless

Tango Argentino is a very intimate dance. That includes the potential of being erotic. The physical closeness of the dancing couple is a factor there but the discrepancy between clearly defined roles of leader and follower on the one hand and the subtle interplay and communication between the partners on the other hand also contributes significantly to the charged atmosphere that is so typical of Tango.

As the leading partner dominates direction, rhythm and speed, the follower is called to accept or reject – to actively participate – thereby transforming mere movement into recognizable Tango. The seizing of opportunity and the acceptance or rejection of the follower gives depth, color, and expression. Not being the leader leaves room for being the seducer and is all the difference between partner aerobics and a dance.

Let’s dive into a facet of this dance. You don’t need any special equipment but you are very welcome to bring your dancing shoes (we are indoors and have to be very careful of the wooden flooring) and other accessories: Tango seduces through details.






Photo: © Nehra Stella