Anna Natt



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Anna Natt completed her flamenco studies at the Fundación Christina Herren de Arte Flamenco in Sevilla, Spain and furthered her studies with different teachers, most notably Israel Galvan.
She is a soloist in the Swiss contemporary flamenco company "el contrabando" and teaches at Centro Flamenco dance school in Berlin where she has been based since 2005.
Her solo Uro has been shown internationally at performance and dance events and has been described as “minimalist flamenco”.
Her most recent project, Der Dybbuk, or Dolores, it´s time to hang up the castanets! with the Leipziger Synagogalchor was developed in residency at the Schauspiel Leipzig and premiered at the 2014 euro-scene festival.




UroAnna uro

Uro is what remains when the pomp is extracted from a bullfight, its parts deconstructed and examined as individual postures and movements. Reduced to its elements, the bullfight becomes a spectacle imbued with calculated bravado, performed machismo and the unabashed animal body. By stepping into the bodies of both bull and bullfighter, the lines between human and animal are blurred. Underscoring the importance of the relation between our most raw emotions and their connection to tradition, Uro transmits what might be perceived during a bullfight on a physical and visceral level. The contradictory nature of something that can be both gruesome and beautiful is communicated in a manner which opens a dialogue about what the senses perceive and how the body reacts.
A study of man vs. nature, masculinity vs. meat, taut flesh vs. trembling flesh.

Concept and Performance: Anna Natt
Video: Roger Rossell
Dramaturgical Consulting: Anet Fröhlicher














Photo: © Roger Rossel