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Cachot Cryptic Concepts

Performer, a doctorate in natural sciences. Minimalist electric musician. Philosophy student. Always in 'beta'. Unfinished thinker.

My art is a synthesis of the arts of music, dance, philosophy, photo and video installation to social sculpture. It is boxed pain. All parts complement each other and are further minimized to concentrate on the essentials.

Training groups at the intersection between BDSM, Butoh and role playing repeatedly gives me insights and ideas that flow into my work.

All materials, pictograms and music © by Cachot Cryptic Concepts



Session Scripting

Cachot pict1 Go into play and performance with scores
Introduction to a new Notation by Cachot
Time, space and experience are limited for sessions and plays. It is a challenge: Opening mind and body by activating creative ideas in just a short warmup time.
Only few people really practice ‘Contact Impro’ or equivalent techniques to open themselves. Also creating complex choreography with more than two people ‘on stage’ can hardly be modeled in short time.
Working on the extension of BDSM settings and ongoing research on notation systems ⇒ I have synthesized a new approach. Experimenting with maps, scorings of ‘Emotion Encyclopedia’, Laban enriched with pain symbols we will discover a “performance notation”.
We get basic practical experience: how to use the scripting. In this workshop we will create a common setting: all are involved in the final play. And the result has a choreography and a story.
To clarify: The system does NOT replace body work, it is a complement ! Playing Mozart means you have to learn piano and ability to read the score.

Originally notations were developed for transmitting ideas like from the composer to the orchestra: Some systems were successful like music scores or the alphabet that you currently use to understand this text.
Special systems like Laban dance notation were too complex for a broader audience. Also just writing a text-oriented storyboard is limited: For example you need a language and timelines cannot be modelled.
We can script structures, timing, attitudes of a screen play. We use multimedia as well as pen and paper. The fundament is a simple alphabet and notations we all know..
Example: what action and when in performance timeline to do where in space:
Cachot pict2
The language notation can have different implementations depending on the focus of the desired result:
(1) On the structural formula of compounds (Struturmodell) for topographics like sculptures with status, attitude and space (i.e. bodies and social plastics)
(2) On the stave (Notensystem) to introduce a timeline
(3) On the Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML) for having a mix of structure and time (but more complex to read and perform, so subject on workshops for experienced performers)
I n this workshop I will introduce the language basics and we will start to create first play settings.
Cachot pict3
With this new neo analogies like group pain choreography or synchronous sessions are possible. Also operations: the notation system is applicable to programming or mathematics like matrix transformation on stage scores. This is subject to further works upcoming by CrypticConcepts.

Cachot pict4
Now its up to YOU to use this framework and become a writer! Replay successful sessions!

Cachot WS


All materials, pictograms: © Cachot Cryptic Concepts