pt9Inhale. Exhale. Listen.

I enjoy to resume the essence of all my teachings as a dancer, musician, choreographer, sexpert and body researcher with these three words. All the stuff I am not so good at.

So I wish to dedicate xplore 2016 to this greater silence - in the eye of the storm - that moment of bliss and amphibian happiness in surrender and liquefaction. The ecstasy after the orgy. Finally quiet.

But obviously there is no smoke without fire.
Therefore xplore 2016 first of all must be loud and colorful, bizarre and exaggerated, hilarious and absurd, smart and talkative, sexual and political. Artists, Exotics and Radicals will dominate the WORKSHOP PROGRAM. At the GURU SUPERMARKET you can find a vast selection of roles, rules and realities. The new theory department EMBODYING ENLIVENMENT is dedicated to queer, SM and eco-sexual perspectives.

To cool off your heated mind, the physiodelic BODY WORK EXCHANGE offers sensory inundation and timelessness. Under exquisite sound clouds massage tables will be unfolded, futons rolled out and bodies suspended.

But if you wish to find some me this year, try the SILENT SPACE.

Welcome to our playground. Hush…

Felix Ruckert, March 2016

Photo: © Peter Hönnemann