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delta® has been an art performer, dancer, choreographer and art director as well as a light, stage and S&M artist since the late 70's.

After initial autodidactic experiments with the German expressionist dance of the 1920s, he devoted himself to the Japanese Butoh dance and founded the first German-Japanese dance company tatoeba-THÉÂTRE DANSE GROTESQUE in Berlin in 1988, together with Minako Seki and Yumiko Yoshioka.

In 1998, he started to devote himself to interactive dance (ritual feet washing) and through this met Felix Ruckert with whom he has teamed up since 2000. Initially he worked as a dancer in several interactive performances and until now he has also been the administrative head of the Xplore-Festivals, of schwelle7 and of the non-profit association Compagnie Felix Ruckert Berlin e.V.

His many years of private S&M exploration combined with his collaboration with Felix Ruckert have taken him to a new dimension: sadomasochistic rituals developed into a kind of sensual communication with an artistic and philosophical approach. As a workshop presenter he is particularly committed to providing an understanding of the spirituality behind BDSM as love play. In his "light" S&M rituals, artistic expression and loving devotion merge with the imparting of an intense "pleasure-pain-feeling" for the body and a liberating catharsis for the soul.

As part of the creative team of the Xplore-Festivals he is responsible for all production matters, especially the websites, financial affairs, registrations and participant's support.



delta® will take part in the common panel discussion on Friday evening and will be available for an intimate talk (in bed with...) on Saturday evening.

His workshop contribution to the label Carte blanche à... is:


The Kissing Whip and the Art of Implementing it (basic knowledge)delta-WS

A whipping workshop? You´re kidding! Do I have to learn to hit someone?

Yes. If you only want to inflict pain, you needn’t participate. But if you want to know what a whip is capable of, you’ve come to the right place. Whips have always had rather a bad reputation since, as we all know, they are one of the classic tools used for punishment. However they can also reveal a side that is full of lust.

Discover the seduction of your elongated arm…
Touch without touching…
Seduce and let the pain transform into desire.
Immerse yourself in amorous play that will leave visible traces even when the game is over…

In this workshop you can learn that a whip is actually just an extension of your own hand and hence it can be used sensitively or even brutally, just like your hand. We will open up a space for practical experience in which you can become aware that playing with the whip is a game of love.

Connection and communication between the partners is the pivotal point of this SM play. We will all whip and be whipped and in doing so experience a sensual, thrilling dialogue. With such an energetic and emotional approach it is very easy to transform any pain that arises into lust or at least to experience a feeling similar to deep massage.

Using a range of different practical exercises in alternating constellations we will try to get a feel for the different whips and floggers. It is only possible to use the respective whips well if you know how they feel.

In addition to a short introduction to whipping we will also answer important, everyday questions such as:
Which parts of the body can I hit with my whip?
How hard can/must I hit in order to not leave/leave marks?
How can I transport my whips without the whole neighborhood knowing my business?
How can I make my own whip?

Please bring comfortable clothes and your own instruments - whips and floggers - if you have them!






Photo: © unknown