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Jana Goetzova - Facilitator of experiential personality-development workshops in the Czech Republic (based in Prague), focusing on themes of conscious and creative sexuality using a combination of elements of Tantra and BDSM. She has explored both of these worlds for several years (privately and professionally) and finds a lot of parallels in them. Not only do they represent a huge space for personal growth and increase our energy and consciousness, but they also offer great potential for therapeutic work. She is fascinated by the fact that the expansion of consciousness and personality cultivation occur through confrontation and acceptance of our very primitive and "dark" parts.
"Be like a flowing river, not a reservoir in which water stays the same!"

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Pain Processing - The Tantric PerspectiveJana WS

Pain is a kind of protective and warning function of the body, and can be our guide to bring attention to places that need it. Pain is very relative and is a question of context. When we feel safe, relaxed, trust, love or excitement - our body can receive and process an incredible amount of pain and transform it into pure energy. A hand, whip or flogger can be great tools to get in touch with our body and emotions. To expand the awareness, strengthen the flow of energy through our body and create a deep intimacy between us and our partner. We will use the three keys to energy - breath, movement and voice and open ourselves to our desire for intensity and our ability to experience the pleasure of receiving and giving.

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