Jorgos Periklis



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Jorgos was educated in dance and performing arts.
His studies brought him from Athens through Amsterdam and New York to Berlin. He teaches there Vinyassa Flow Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga and naked partner yoga.

He continues studying the yoga life-art through attending workshops with important teachers like Richard Freeman, Nancy Gilgoff, Rolf Neujakat, Bridget Woods Kramer and Daniel Orlansky.

He observes and explores the nature, functionality and multidimensionality of the human body, mind and psyche, with great devotion. For that he follows his path through different methods and techniques.

Successful work on sexual themes is for Jorgos a very important means to open up awareness. He creates a very safe enviroment, where the guest feels very comfortable and can express her/ his self. He uses different techniques in order to access the Life Force. He suggests the way, how one can discover passion and rediscover one's own strength. In order for it to be possible to dive deeper into the soul, there is a balance between lust, needs and borders.

Since five years, Jorgos has worked for Gay Love Spirit, leading workshops. He offers in sensual massage, SM sessions, sex-counselling and Yoga.

„I love it tallking about Sex, as it is one of the five basic human needs – and the other four are boring.“  Peaches.




Nude Partner YogaJorgos_nakedYoga

Jorgos will be teaching a naked partner yoga workshop. This morning class will be an invigorating way to begin the day. The workshop will help the participants to increase their physical well-being while developing a deeper relationship with themselves and to others.





Photo: © Mélanie Le Grand


Prostate MassageJorgos_104

Join this group to explore how to open up to a deeper pleasure. We will spend time relaxing with a slow touch of the outside anus with the 'rosebud' massage. We will teach various techniques of touch to this area of extraordinary sensitivity that connects us to our desires and opens us to new possibilities of pleasure.

We will take time to understand how our rectum and the surrounding muscles work. We will explore the emotional connection to our anus. There will be space to practice clear communication and choice.











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