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Laudana has predominantly been a producer of documentaries for film and TV. Sexuality has fascinated her from her youth; above all its more hidden aspects. Boundaries are what she finds especially thrilling; either in their exploration, or even overstepping them. It is the most elemental expression of humanity, that ultimately allows no compromise. How far do people go, what does their sexuality bring them to do – with themselves, with others? Control, submission, pain, lust – libido as instinct of life. She loves playing with the elemental, the immediate, with distance and proximity.




Bad Girls - discover your inner fire

Female sadism is a thing unto itself: physical or psychological, the actions of a real top contradict everything society expects of women.

That makes it all very appealing, but also very difficult for many sadistic and dominant women. Some of them will come up against mental barriers, not dare to be really mean and nasty and maybe feel shame afterwards: how could I do such a thing?

The desire both partners feel doesn’t seem to give them enough inner strength to follow through with the courage of their convictions …

This workshop explores ways to engage with your shadow side (inner beast). We will playfully take you to your limits, and then …? Passive participants should also prepare to take an impromptu partner. Negotiation at the start – on both sides – is essential for safety.

A wonderful play scenario scaling vertiginous heights for all mean women and those who worship them …



Hygiene and Safety

We expect our doctor to use sterile, disposable instruments, but we ourselves are happy to exchange bodily fluids without a second thought …

This workshop looks at the precautions advisable when indulging in erotic play – SM, DS, with and without penetration. Unbridled pleasure can follow a moment in which a few boundaries are set.

HIV and other germs: where is it safe to lick, suck, insert, and where is it a better idea to use protection? Are my whips and canes all clean enough, or should I maybe not share some of them? What substances are good on mucous membranes, which ones might cause play to stop suddenly? Where should I avoid hitting and what do I do if my partner’s hands go numb? The colourful patterns of play with candles…

There will also be a few psychological pointers for safe play.

These are just a few examples I’d like to talk about with you. I look forward to hearing your experiences and questions on many other types of play.


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