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Lea, from Lower Saxony, completed a Diploma in Administration and Management and worked over a decade in a bureau before she began to experience herself and Berlin with it’s kinky side. During her exploration she made many intrinsic experiences in Energy Work, different self awareness skills and bodywork-techniques like Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Contact Improvisation, BDSM and much more...

Her second life started with studying Anatomy, Physiology and Pathophysiology - becoming an Alternative Healer, followed by studies of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Western Herbology and various Therapeutic Techniques.

The combination of her well established medical knowledge, having a versatile sex-life and the strong desire to vitalize the sexual entity residing in others, inspired her to originate her own counselling establishment with a special focus on talking about sexuality and teaching sexual techniques.




Vulva TortureLea WS1

Discover your vulva in quite an unusual way: Is it pleasure or pain to wear clamps, clips or clothes-pegs? Be brave or honest (preferably both) ;-)

Bring your own (small) spanking tools, clamps, clips and clothes-pegs if you have!
One will be the receiver, the other the giver - no swapping

This workshop will be in German








​Vaginal MappingLea WS2

Discover your Vulva and Vagina in a new and gentle manner - on your own (bring a toy) or preferably with a partner.
You visualize a clock on your vulva and locate areas or spots that feel tender, less comfortable or numb.
Listen to your body’s response, suspire while feeling the different qualities of touch and communicate with your partner.

Come with scrubbed hands or ​(if you have) ​ latex gloves, bring your favourite lubricant or oil and one or two towels to rest on.
One will be the receiver, the other the giver - no swapping

This workshop will be in German









Photos: © Christof Rieken