Mad Kate

Mad Kate


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Mad Kate is a polyqueer musician performance artist and sex worker who practices erotic and sexual encounter across many contexts and disciplines with the intention of linking liberatory sexual encounters with expansive socio political change.





sexual consensual explorations at our borderlands and the politics of migration - an immersive praxis 

The way that we understand our bodies as border(ed/less) and engage with sex is mirrored in public methodologies: the methods with which we negotiate the borders of our communities and nations, the way that we navigate the consent of crossing those boundaries. This is why the personal practice of transformative and intentional sexual encountering is so important and can be so influential.

We are bodies living in a war zone. The war zone includes all of us and all of our bod(ies). Every time we practice sex, we have an opportunity to rethink the boundaries of our own body. We have the chance to rethink the boundaries of our community, our nation, our ego. We have the chance to imaginatively/empathetically enter the war zone, if we are not already tangibly there.

Every time we practice sex, we have the chance to call our cunt not our own, but ours and our partners. We have a chance to imagine our cock our clitoris or fingers our cunts not as bordered and limited by the seemingly visible indicators of our skin, but by the real pleasure experienced in our brain. Our cunts migrate to cocks and our cocks to cunts. Our clitoris migrates to the fingers. Each set free, neither legal nor illegal. we make it so. We have the chance to imagine the body as world, the world as body, not possessing but being made by all of our stories, the memory of all of our memory. The accomplishments are ours—and the failures. Every time we practice sex, we have the opportunity to reorder the set of assumptions that say where you and I end. You and I do not end; our cells do not know the end of me or you.

The terrain of the earth does not change at the instance of the geopolitical border; but gradually varies as the terrain of our skin does. We have the chance to know that the earth I was born on and into does not have physical border with the earth another body was born on and into. Every time we practice sex, we have the chance to unify our bodies in imaginative play. We have the chance to see our bodies presented to us in the mirrored effect of unity with the so-called other. We need each other for this pleasure as we need each other for survival in and of the world. Every time we practice sex, we have the opportunity to utilize language as a means of imagination, an imagination that outside of sex bleeds into the entire stance of our bodies in the world.

This is an immersive praxis of sexual exploration together, utilizing imagination, meditation, sensory deprivation and guided, intentional exploration of the boundaries within and between each other. Participants will be immersed inside an auditory and cognitive site of no-time and no-border with the intention of playfully imagining our bodies as shared, as lines between us being blurred and ruptured. We will allow for the boundaries between erotic and sexual play to be malleable and for the dynamics of dominance and submission to be suspend within borderspace where we live within the migration itself. There we exchange as bodies in migration between "I" and "WE" and imagine ourselves united in multiplicity. Come join us in this playful encounter as we learn from each other and challenge our sense of self and other.


Photo: © adrienneteicher