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Maranta Rubiera:  Breathing yoga teacher and award winning erotic writer.

As a certified yoga teacher she has focused in Pranayam (breathing yoga) techniques, applying them in specialized lessons for all fields, from acting to public speaking and health treatments. Being also a shibari model, she has been able to adapt several pranayam exercises to the kinky experience, an unusual but surprisingly logical match between antique wisdom and contemporary sex. Maranta shares that knowledge during workshops she offers to the BDSM community as she travels the world. She tends to the vanilla community as well, giving “sensual breathing” workshops to fire them up a bit.

Maranta is also an erotic writer, her first novel in Spanish “Hembra” (“Female”) about travel+sex was awarded with the xPlora prize in 2013. The second novel is on the making, ropes and BDSM are included.





Us humans tend to be very proud of our smart fat mammal brains, until we meet slime molds: primitive creatures that can live freely as single cells, but that can also aggregate together to endure starvation, or to search for energy or light. They are not exactly organisms but a collective of single cells working together as one, accomplishing a sort of instinctual intelligence without nerves or a brain. In this workshop we will try to become slimes by going back 800 million years (that’s when scientists with their brains think slime molds first formed, circa). We will forget about our intellect, and simply connect with others through our breathing, creating pulsating aggregates of many human bodies to reach a more primal and universal understanding of Life.

Bitte eine Yogamatte oder ähnliches mitbringen, wenn vorhanden.

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Maranta empty



This is a method to make emptiness in a few easy breathing steps. Emptiness is important because it is the state that precedes creation: ideas, art, a new life, a new self. Generating a void inside our lower abdomen and opening it to receive new energy is the main goal of this workshop. This breathing sequence is an unblocking technique developed in South America based in several oriental philosophies like Tantra and Taoist medicine. It stimulates the most powerful centers in the body and releases their potentials in a fluid experience that cleanses and regenerates our vital energy. It is an individual practice but, for the xPlore edition, at the end of the breathing sequence we will experiment with sharing the freshly generated energy with the other participants of the workshop.

Bitte eine Yogamatte oder ähnliches mitbringen, wenn vorhanden.

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