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Matthias T. J. Grimme aka Drachenmann aka Tatsu Otoko was born 1953 in Hamburg, Germany. After finishing high school he studied nursing and social work, afterwards he worked for about 15 years in psychiatric institutions. He worked as organizer for the German men’s movement and was a co-leader of men's groups.

He published several books and articles about men and their relations to themselves.

Since 1989 he is co-publisher of the SM-magazine Schlagzeilen ( There he regularly publishes articles about BDSM.

He is also well known for being the author of "The SM-Handbook" and "The Bondage-Handbook" (a German standard lecture for BDSM addicted people) and also for "SM-Handbook Spezial vol 1" and "2". His latest book is "The Handbook for Japanese Bondage".

Since about 1991 he co-organizes SM-parties in Hamburg/Germany (2002 the party called "Respekt"

He has worked as intimate piercer for about 20 years (www.kiss-of- and since 1995 he is BDSM-performer and SM- and Bondage teacher ( and offers workshops in Hamburg and Europe.

He is the owner of the online supply of Bondage Project (

After travelling to in Japan about 10 times, he has worked as a photographer and film maker, rigger and rope artist in Japanese style bondage (Shibari) since 2000.

He lives with his wife Dana DeLuxe ( and his beloved model Ropecat Nicole ( in Hamburg. More information about him can be found at




Matthias T. J. Grimme will take part in the common panel discussion on Friday evening and will be available for an intimate talk (in bed with...) on Saturday afternoon.

His workshop contribution to the label Carte blanche à... is:


Bondage and ContactMatthias WS

This workshop is not only about the techniques of Japanese Bondage, it is about the ways of contact between the rigger and the model. When people try to learn the sets - they mostly look for the technique only and there is a loss of contact and relation. There are only one guy who is doing the ropes and another person who gets into bondage. That looks nice, but it is only the half truth about good bondage. We use ideas from the Akechi Denki, Yukimura Haruki, Chiba Sensei and Osada Steve, but we also use our own ideas to create something which is called "The Hamburg School".









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