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Phylotes was born in 1964 and grew up in the GDR.

She graduated from Potsdam Medical School and worked for some years as a nurse in intensive care. 
After training to become an alternative health practitioner she established her own practice for body- and psychotherapy near Berlin.

Her therapeutic focus is on: systemic constellations, hypnosis, craniosacral therapy and homeopathy.

She leads workshops and teaches in medical schools.
 She is also experienced and qualified in tantric massage and has actively explored the different facets of sexuality for many years.
She is adept in love and life.
 Phylotes is a mother of three adult children and has one wonderful grandchild.





GenRe© - Breath_Heart _Hand_Sexus
Gen stands for Genital, Re for Revitalisation and Reconnection.

We all come as energetic beings on this planet.
Sometimes in the course of life, we lose this connection, this love of life.
Or we separate sexuality from the heart, from love.

This workshop is an invitation to regain awareness of the heart-genital connection.

With energizing movements, meditative moments and use of the breath, we will seek to bring our bodies to a higher vibrational level.
In particular, we will strengthen the connection between the heart and sex.
Your whole body and your genitals will experience a new quality of perception, pleasure and joy.












Photo: © te'oma



Portrait photo: © Phylotes