Salvatore Viviano



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Salvatore Viviano - born Italian (1980) Lives and Works in Vienna

I Never Liked Being in Bed Alone, 21er Haus Museum, Vienna – solo show
Cry Me a Martini Dry, Mauve, Vienna - performance
Soft Nepotism, Bar du Bois, Vienna – group show
Untitled, Limbo, Copenhagen – performance
Opens the One Work Gallery in Vienna
Academy of Fine Arts Vienna - Florian Reither’s class assistant
A Ballet, Artbat ’14, Almaty (Kazakhstan) – performance & lecture
Schloss Damtschach Gallery, Wernberg (at) – group show & performance
Cité Internationale Des Arts, Paris – award BMUKK (Austrian Ministry of Culture)
Thank You For Coming, Albertina Museum, Vienna – performance
Tea Bag, actor for the movie of Manuel Scheiwiller, Locarno - performance
Gelitin-Loch, 21er Haus Museum, Vienna – performance
Ballet für Eine Baustellung, 21er Haus Museum, Vienna – performance
Give Me That Bag, Eva Blut, Vienna – performance
Gelitin-Ritratto Analitico, MiArt, Milano – performance
Twice As True, Global Talks, Stockholm – group show & performance
Be My Guest, Lust Gallery, Vienna – group show & performance
Door, 623 Toilett Licker, Vienna – performance & installation
One Is The Loneliest Number (Google Confirms), Glockengasse 9, Vienna – group show
Will Benedict & Julie Verhoeven-Bread & Butt, Meyer Kainer Gallery, Vienna – performance
Salvatore Black Pages Magazine, January 2012 issue
Characterized By Leviathan, Ve.Sch, Vienna – performance
Is The Pope Catholic?, Lisa Ruyter Gallery, Vienna – group show & performance
Modeling Agency, 68 m2, Copenhagen – group show & performance
Gelitin-Some Like It Hot, Biennale di Venezia – performance
Inkontinenz, L’Ocean Licker, Vienna – solo show
Mofa, Heumuhlgasse, Vienna – group show
Elektro Fleischmann, Pro Choice, Vienna – performance
Gelitin-The Blind Sculpture, Greene Naftali Gallery, New York – performance
Ass Projection, Ve.Sch, Vienna – performance
Privatkonzert, Das Weisse Haus, Vienna – performance
Obsession #1, Amer Abbas Gallery, Vienna – performance & installation
Der Dritte Salon Des Arts, Secession, Vienna – performance
Gelitin-All Or The Just, Artissima, Torino – performance
Gelitin-La Louvre, Musée d’Art Moderne, Paris – performance





The Naked DanceSalvatore WS

As a performance artist, I had and continue to have the chance to work with one of the most inspiring art groups of our time, the Austrian collective Gelatin (or Gelitin)
For this edition of xplore berlin, we will reenact one of their great works: the naked dance.
Get undressed without using your hands...










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