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Servile Jerome (jS) is a BDSM switcher whose interest in ballbusting (and the B of 'CBT') dates back to an early age. He has been playing with his and many other balls – as well as exploring other BDSM forms of play, over the years. jS produces amateur BDSM videos at Xtube since 2008, which have been viewed over 5 million times.
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Fun with BallsJerome WS

Balls are probably the weakest and greatest male organ for BDSM play – from the light erotic to the most extreme ranges of sensations, with every gradation and subtle degrees in between. These two little orbs hold the key, for some men, to the transmutation of painful sensation into unsurpassed pleasure and/or to a liberating roleplay with deep-seated castration fantasies. As to their tormentors, mastering ball-play will deepen sensual dominance and intimate bonding with the submissive partner.

At this workshop, we will focus our whole attention to the balls and nothing else: Ball-play (i.e. playing with nads, eggs, nuts, boys, norts, bollocks, yarbles, cojones, Prairie Oysters, soup dumplings... in short: family jewels) will be the full program, not your typical mixed 'CBT' play – we will leave the cock entirely out of our attention. The workshop will introduce you to different ways to play with the human plums: impact (slapping, punching, hitting with different toys, light kicking), pressure (with hands, feet/trampling, and with toys) and some other kinds of sensation play too (e.g. electro).

The workshop will be conducted by Servile Jerome and another experienced ball-player. We'll give some live demonstrations/explanations and advice, and then invite participants to (let others) experiment on the own balls and/or on someone else's eggs. We will be wickedly nice and reasonable enough with everyone ;-) We will make no omelets... But of course, those of you who are into intense sensations and need more attention to their nuts, will also get their share of extra fun, as bustees in a final group ballbusting game.

Both real beginners as well as moderately experienced players are welcome, to give or/and receive. We especially welcome couples and teams including at least one balls-holder who is willing to have his nuts played with. But everybody is welcome, and we will then form some teams according to the composition of workshop participants.

For those of you who already have some experience: do not hesitate to bring some of your toys for ball-torture (balls exclusively – no toys for cock-play), and to share your skills. And everyone else: There is no obligation to bring anything, but: Do bring some thin ropes if you have them (they will come handy to tie a ballsack with), and other small things you'd like to experiment with: For example you can bring a wooden spoon (the ones you'd use for cooking). We will also provide some basic utensils to play with.


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