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London Faerie is a sexual adventurer and spiritual seeker with a passion for empowering people to be all that they are. Faerie believes that those who seek the life they want are kinder, happier, more abundant people. His work is about helping you to seek the life you want.

Faerie runs Sacred Pleasures, a sex-positive learning community based in London. He regularly visits European capitals including Berlin, Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Prague and has presented his work at a host of festivals, including the Osho Leela Conscious Sexuality Festival & Quintansensual (UK), Wonderlust (Finland), The Celebration of Life & The Art of Being Festival (Czech Republic).
He's the founder of After Pandora, London's playground for thinking perverts and the co-curator of The Summerhouse & The Winterhouse, the hippest and sexiest events on the British sex-positive map right now.




The Geometry of Firefaerie fire

We see shadows on the wall and guess the pure Forms they imply. In this ritual we attempt the impossible: to create a perfect circle so we can harness its creative power for our own benefit. Here we’re truly ‘playing with fire’ - asking the Gods to alter our destiny through sensual supplication and hot prayer. And setting each other alight!










Lady Cacao’s Sensual Chamberfaerie cacao

Will you be one of the few granted a key to Lady Cacao’s Sensual Chamber? Once inside you drink from Her cup and enjoy a sacred feast of physical pleasure. Her emissary, Mr Faerie from London, is here to guide you; but in the end we’re all just obeying Her sensual instructions.

Find London Faerie anytime during the festival to try your luck: play the game and get a key if She wishes it so.














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