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ZohaR:   I am a doula and a birth educator, I give deep birth preparation sessions and consultation, joyful and physical birth preparation courses.
A speaker of sensuality, sexuality and pleasure. Birth and Pleasure.
I am a Theta Healer and also offer massages (Classical, Prenatal, Baby) Yoga classes, different body-emotions-soul workshops, ceremonies hugging pregnancy&birth and theta healing sessions.
A dancer, a poet.
Developing "Our Pelvis Journey" workshop.
For further information about me: www.zoharen.wix.com




Vagina way - Birth experienceZohaR geburt

Wrapped in flesh you are
All over you, it is moist, warm and dark
You are being Squashed, squeezed, turned and pushed
You get rushes of pleasure, being fed with oxytocin
Pressure, force and pleasure.
The direction is maybe not clear yet and the wish to go out either
Is it death, or some other kind of transformation?
But birth is happening with it’s immense power
And you are in it.
We say that birth is the first massage a baby experiences.
You are being pushed to your intensities, alone, by yourself, so it seems.
The first test of trusting while being nourished and pushed to the edges of existence.
This is a physical emotional spiritual experience.
We are playing on all levels and diving in a different though familiar world.
A ceremony, a rebirth, your first birth, giving birth.
Be and enter the Vagina way and find your way.


Painting by Georgia O'keeffe "Red hills lake"




Adult Baby MassageZohaR baby

You are being touched as maybe never before
Your borders are being shown as well as tested and played with
Space is safe to be this baby, not acting out, being in
How far can we go?
Emotions are flowing and you are allowed in this soft but firm frame
How well can we trust and give in?
how well do I know my borders?
How could I communicate them if I couldn't speak?
And besides, warm oil, all over your body, you are being done.
Find your active in the passiveness.
How far can you go in letting go from grownup brain?
And parents, how far do you want to go?
How deep can you listen? or want to listen?
Are you afraid? That they don't like it? To hurt them?
How much can you take?
How present and determined can you be?
A different kind of communication is needed.
Soft and deep roleplay…… Full of pleasure.

Photo:  © unknown