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Dear friends of schwelle7

As most of you probably already heard, we lost our rental agreement and we have to leave the space in Uferstrasse by spring 2016.
After the first shock a whole wave of support and solidarity came rolling over us, so we decided to see the positive side of it and now we look for a new location: bigger, nicer, greener, closer and in a hot neighborhood. As it looks difficult to rent a similar place at a reasonable price and since we wish to continue our budget-friendly price politics, we also investigate the possibility to buy or build a new location.

We are also looking for an investor / patron / sponsor to buy a property ...

Therefore we need your support.

- If you know about German real estate laws and financing possibilities, please let us know.
- If you hear about a cheap commercial place to rent ( min 500m2, max. 5 EUR/ m2), inform us.
- If you have a lot of money you could give a long term loan to us, the association schwelle7. It is also possible to offer us detaxable donations (non-profit association!)
- If you have brains you could write a few lines or whole texts why you think schwelle is a cool place and should be supported. These texts could help when applying for specific locations.
- If you have influence, use it. If you can speak, talk about us. If you have friends, send them here.
- If you have spiritual talents, visualize the perfect new schwelle. If you believe in the power of positive thinking, think positive. Other wise you may pray as well.
- If you have magical skills you know what you have to do anyway...

If you wish to continue having schwelle7 in your life, see what you can do to get a NEW space!
Looking forward to hear from you,
Felix, in April 2015


you also can help with:

participation / membership:

  • schwelle7 is a non-profit-organisation run by the association Compagnie Felix Ruckert Berlin e.V.
  • We are looking for individuals who would like to become supporting members of the association and help to maintain and develop the venue.
  • Supporting members will get free entrance to the monthly organised play parties and 20-30 % reduction on the price of most workshops and events.
  • Membership is available from 20 EUR a month.  Reductions and the Articles of the Association on request!

schwelle7 - Membership Application Form  (.pdf=103 kB)


More information:  www.schwelle7.de